Let’s Talk Pens

Jun 17, 2019 | News, Promote & Build Your Business

Pens will promote any business, big or small, and using promotional items such as custom promotional pens will definitely assist your marketing efforts. This do-it-yourself marketing tactic may not reach a broad audience, but it’s a good starting point. BlackOpalPromo is an excellent place if you need advice on the right pen.

Pens are the most obvious choice for any industry wanting to market themselves, depending on your target audience and marketing budget, when giving away a pen remember it should never feel or look cheap, you want that pen to reflect your professional self and your business.

Providing Wide Advertising, pens can end up in anyone’s hands, how many pens are borrowed and not returned? You need a  pen at the office or out and about but everywhere you look there is never one in sight?. People know pens are important and a very useful promotional item, which makes them unlikely to be discarded.  Remember to always print your business name and contact details on the pen as they are passed around many times and effectively repeat advertising for your business.

Marketing Ideas for business working on a budget

Surprise your clients when you ship out their order,  pop a couple of custom promotional-branded pens in with the items, a nice little way to just say “thank-you”.

Mailout campaign  Instead of flyers, seen as junk mail in the letter box, pop a couple of pens in an envelope, and write on the envelope – A special gift from Us to You”.  Everyone loves a free gift in the mail —and if they open the package to find a couple of pens, they’ll be doubly delighted and will possibly be interested to contact you online or by phone. Make sure you brand your best contact details clearly on the pens.

Promotional Plastic Pens

The crowd pleasers, budget promotional giveaway items , show bag filler, presentation gift,
fun, useful, reliable with excellent writing ability. Tried and tested the following pens met the brief and stood out as the five star approval champions.

Spark Colour Pen | Banner Pen | Spin Message Pen | Eco Pen | Floating Pen | Jet Pen

Promotional Metal Pens

Corporate metal pens, pens needed for gifts and presentation. An executive style, a sleek slimline look, a pen that writes smoothly, super comfortable to hold, stylish and practical. A metal pen with extended writing ability and preference to engraving your brand and message with a beautiful finish. Try any of the following pens, most popular and best sellers every year.

Madison Pen | Prestige Pen | Corporate Pen| Curvy Pen | Cambridge Pen | Pierre Cardin

Pen Packaging & Presentation

First impressions count, and presentation is a simple way to increase the effectiveness of your gift giving campaign. Complement any promotional pen, give your customers a gift with added flair, gift boxed or presented in an attractive pen gift sleeve.

Velvet pen sleeve | Cardboard pen sleeve | Wedge gift box | Monaco gift box | Clear box

If you have an up and coming event this year or maybe the following year, take advantage and bulk buy now for best prices. A good pen stored in a cool dry area will work effectively for years. Buying bulk is also a great way to maximise your tax savings before end of financial year.  Contact Us  or call on 0406 225 024  we are here available to assist you with ideas and can even supply samples (conditions apply) if you want to check suitability of the pen before committing to the order.