Planning for a Trade Show or Promotional Event

Apr 17, 2019 | News, Promote & Build Your Business

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” Benjamin Franklin.

The same applies when putting together a successful trade show or promotional event. Don’t put every effort and the last of your budget into a flat, unproductive, unmemorable day. Let’s talk tactics and lay the foundations for your best chance of success, lets create an event experience that with impact will not be easily forgotten.

Visit some online best trade show events planned, follow some of their ideas and methods used. Large or small events the topics are all relatable. Combine their ideas with our tips and your goals, together to plan for a successful day.

Planning a trade show or special event? If not managed correctly the experience can be a wasted expense, not to mention the disappointment felt for all the effort taken to organise.
Below are some important marketing tips to enhance and successfully promote any event for business or the individual.

Choose the Venue

First and most important, choose the right venue. Book the venue well in advance and ensure the venue meets all your needs and your budget. After booking the venue, keep in regular contact with them. Request to be kept up to date with any changes, alteration or issue the venue may incur leading up your event. It also pays to call them at regular intervals to establish a good relationship . Don’ t book the event and assume all will be well, never assume everything will be fine until the last minute.

Popular, low cost venue ideas: Local club or hotel and most Coffee Club cafes, Community Hall, Local business hub, Connect with a trade of business that compliments your own business and split the costs. Turn your own space into an event space for the day, by the smart use of some banners and props. Rent a coffee station or ice cream cart for the day, always a crowd pleaser.

Know what are your goals

Lets face it, the main reason we plan or decide to get involved in a trade show or promotional event is to find new clients, build sales, boost brand awareness or promote a new service or product. To ensure every chance for success, you need to setup measurable and achievable goals. Know your current database and trade figures. Set up projection figures to achieve and make reports for both before you start. Ensure you have a simple system in place that everyone involved knows how it works. Ensure they add contacts to this report throughout the day, to  allow for follow-up.

Know who your targeting and spread the word

Spread the word, with your current clients and contacts. Call, email and encourage everyone to bring a guest. Give them a good reason to invite a guest to accompany them. Offer free entry, two for one deal and promote your FREE trade show bag, everyone on the day will receive one and everyone loves a freebie.

Social media works best, post online and ask for likes, encourage multi shares to win a gift.  offer a “Early Bird Special”.

Publish a blog post, advertise any special speakers or products not to be missed, outline the main attraction and purpose for the show, where to find you and important times. (Refer to Resources link above for ideas).

Never miss an opportunity to advertise. Have some Budget Promotional Pens made up in advance, custom brand the pens with information about the event. Carry these pens with you at all times, a lost opportunity is a lost possibility. Hand out and personally invite a new prospect or customer you have just met.  Everyone loves and will reuse a good pen, this will ensure your promotional event message is being constantly re-advertised.  

Get Ready & Provide Giveaways

Trade show giveaways are the best, so make sure you find  the right giveaway item. The right item will grow your brand awareness and deliver the message. Last, but not least, after putting so much work and effort into your event planning and goals, don’t forget the final step and dress to impress. Be taken seriously and have the business seen professional. Branded teamwear and promotional headwear work. Promotional apparel that will be supplied branded ready for the day, from corporate to budget tee shirts.

We understand that planning for a promotional event there is a lot to remember, so we are here to help.

“Let us do all the hard work for you”. Click Here for some event item ideas, promotional headwear and branded teamwear.

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